Land Rover Defender/Series 2 & 3 Bulkhead Head Vent Panel Replacement

Parts used

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1no. 001A Land Rover Defender & Series 2 & 3 Extended Bulkhead Repair Panels
or 1no. 001B LHS Extended Bulkhead Repair Panel Defender & Series 2 & 3
1no. 001C RHS Extended Bulkhead Repair Panel Defender & Series 2 & 3



The amount of corrosion once the windscreen and frame had been removed, then all the rotten parts we removed, to start a fresh. 1 5 4 3 2


The extended bulkhead repair panels being temporally clamped in place, the repair panels will be now stitched welded or seam welded into place and dressed. 6 7


All the ancillary parts fitted ready for painting. 8


YRM product 001A fitted and painted. 9


Or you can cut a hole in the repair section to keep the vent panel in place.

Thanks to John for allowing us to use his photos for the workshop and the work was carried out by Northeast Land Rover Services.