Land Rover Defender & Series 2 & 3 Door Repair Section

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1no. 015 Land Rover Defender Door Repair Section
or 1no. 020 Series Land Rover 2 & 3 Door Repair Section



The door with the door card already removed. 1


A close up corroded area 2


When removing the corroded area , prise away the door skin using a bolster chisel a bit at a time until the whole door skin comes away from frame then mark up where you wish to remove door frame, the insert a piece of wood between frame and door skin to avoid cutting throught door skin when removing frame. 3


The amount of corrosion of the existing door frame. 4


The door frame fitted, mark the door repair section for the 45 degrees and cut to suit to fit what has been removed. Prior to fitting apply PVC tape between door skin and door frame to avoid electro static reaction. 5


The door repair section fitting and painted, when fitted drill 3 hole across the bottom at each end and centre with a 8mm diameter bit then fill wax oil to pro long the door repair section and to let rubbish out.  6 7