Land Rover Defender Forward Facing Seat Conversion Kit

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1no. 308 Rear Row Forward Facing Seat Conversion Kit – Land Rover Defender 90



Remove vertical and horizontal wheel arch supports. These are originally spot welded in place, these can be removed by drilling spot welds out  


Cut out the wheel arch section, to take the recess for the cover plate.

Using the below dimensions from image 3, 4 & 5



Measure in 85mm from the rear quarter panel then measure along 1075mm from the 85mm mark towards the front of rear tub for front cut out


Measure in 195mm from the outer skin  


Measure up 180mm from the floor  


Then insert the cover panel YRM 295 (LHS) & 296 (RHS) and put a rivet in all 4 corners (using rivets supplied) to hold cover panel in place.

You will need to use 4.9mm diameter drill bit to suit the rivets supplied


Arrows show rivets in corners, to hold the cover plate in place.  


Marking out the subframe position

Measure in 242mm (upto the red arrow, where the subframe first comes under the floor) from the rear body angle as shown


Hold the subframe (YRM 289) in position and match drill from the inside of the rear tub then rivet.

You may need to change the under floor supports to YRM 061A so they have the cuts to take the forward facing seats, image 10 shows under floor without cut


This shows a under floor support YRM 061B without the cut out for the subframe for the forward facing seat and rides on top of the nuts, you may require YRM 061A under floor support with cut outs  


Supplied with the kit is 2 tubes of seam sealer this is to be used on the internal and external joints, rivet heads and holes to stop any water engress


The workshop does not show the fitting of the rear seat belt to chassis anchors which are supplied with the kit (YRM 302 LHS & 303 RHS)


This workshop was carried out by Ronnie Maughan Snr & Peter Hardy