Land Rover Defender 90, 110/130 Pick Up/Hard Top, Strike Plate Repair & Seat Belt Bracket Mount Repair Part A

Parts used

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1no. 122 Land Rover Defender 90 Seat Box/Bulkhead Repair Panel
1no. 175 Land Rover Defender Galvanised Front Seat Belt Mount Bracket
1no. 177 Land Rover Defender 90, 110/130 Hard Top/Pick Up Aluminium Strike Plate
1001 Type A Rivets Grip Range 1.6mm – 6.2mm Pk 100
1612 M8 30mm Fixing Kit Stainless Steel Pk 10

Tools used

9 Selection of spanners and sockets set
Drill and various drill bits
Grinder 110V
Tape measure and Marker
Bolster and Hammer
Appropriate PPE, Goggles, Gloves, Boots



The rear tub corrosion, caused by the electro static reaction between 2 dissimilar metals on the strike plate and the seat belt mount bracket. 1 3 2


Where I have highlighted the spot welds on the strike plate, these are to be drilled out using a 4.9mm Ø hole to suit our rivets so when fitting repair section the rivets fit. You will need to drill out spot welds well above where the repair section is going to finish to be able to cut the outer skin. 4


The spot welds have been drilled and a square line has been marked across as to where it needs cutting to remove all corroded metal. 5


The 2 skins on the strike having been separated using a chisel to split the 2 apart ready to cut, in this instance I used a grinder ensuring I wedged a piece of timber between the 2 skins as to not to damage the tub. 6


The outer skin removed and the upper outer skin straightened out using a metal block and hammer. Then measure the length you need to cut the repair section, the repair section provided is 470mm long. 7


The repair section measured and marked and ready to cut to length.  8


The repair section clamp in place then using the spot weld holes you earlier drilled out you can either match drill or mark and drill again using 4.9mm Ø drill.  9


The repair drilled and ready to fit. 10


The repair section fitted using non steel rivets. Then repeat the process for the other side. 11


Another repair done, thanks to David for letting us use his photos.  12 14 13


This work was carried out by Ronnie Maughan Jnr

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