Land Rover Battery Clamping Tray Kit

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1no. 176 Land Rover Battery Clamp/ Tray



How you will receive your kit. 1


Offer the battery tray in place or in this instance the under seat tool box, the mark the position of the cup square holes 2


Having drilled holes to take an M6 Bolt and fitted cup square bolts, screw the threaded bar in place then tighten bolt in place. 3


Having fitted the battery offer the clamping bar in place. 4


Fix the clamping bar in place and terminals. 5


The clearance at the shallow end of the seat box.  6


Tips, if you fitting battery clamping tray to none aluminium surface leave the protective film in place to prevent electro static reaction.

This workshop was carried out by Ronnie Maughan Jnr