Land Rover Series 2 & 3 LHS Underseat Toolbox Replacement

Parts used

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1no. 013 Land Rover Defender & Series 2 & 3 Seatbox End LHS 
1no. 023 Series 2 & 3 Under Seat Tool Box LHS
1no. 023A Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 & Series SWB/LWB Under Seat Box Battery Tray
1no. 078 Land Rover Defender 90 & Series SWB Sill Rail LHS
1001 Type A Rivets Grip Range 1.6mm – 6.2mm Pk 100
1002 Type B Rivets Grip Range 4.8mm – 11mm Pk 100

Tools used

9 Selection of spanners and sockets set
Drill and various drill bits
Tape measure and Marker
Bolster and Hammer
Appropriate PPE, Goggles, Gloves, Boots



An existing and corroded underseat toolbox for a Series Land Rover. The toolbox cannot dropped downwards because of the chassis rail, you will need to remove your sill rail by removing the 7 bolts that go through the floor plate and seat box end, 2 bolts on the A post and 2 bolts on the B post. To take out the seat box end – the bolts have already been removed, now you need to drill out the spot welds and use a bolster chisel to remove seat box end. 12


With the sill rail and seat box end removed drill out the rivets holding the underseat toolbox in place, then lift out. 3


Rivet the new underseat toolbox together and position the battery tray and cut a rectangular hole to suit 023A, when cutting aluminium apply WD40 to stop blade clogging. 4


Hold the underseat toolbox in position using clamps and match drill to previous holes. 56


When fitting sill rail apply PVC tape along any surface that come into contact with any dissimilar metal to prevent electro static reaction, whilst also using stainless fixings throughout. When fitting seatbox end match drill and rivet in place, then bolt to sill rail and B post. 78


This worked was carried out by Ronnie Maughan Snr at Driffield LRO Show 2009.