Land Rover Discovery 1 Rear Tub Floor Assembly

Parts used

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1no. 029 Land Rover Discovery Rear Cross Member
1no. 046 Land Rover Discovery & Range Rover Classic Rear Floor Side Skirts
1no. 128A Land Rover Discovery Rear Under Floor Support Part A
1no. 128B Land Rover Discovery Rear Under Floor Support Part B
1no. 128C Land Rover Discovery Rear Under Floor Support Part C
1no. 189 Discovery 1 Rear Boot Floor



The rear tub prior to any work commencing. Picture no. 4 also shows a hole in the top half of the rear cross member, which was supplied separately upon request. Before removing any parts ensure you have taken plenty of datums/measurements so the new parts go back in the correct place. 1 4 3 2


Whilst the floor is out it’s an ideal time to do any repairs to the top of the chassis and apply a coat of undercoat and primer. 5


The top of the rear cross member removed and preparing it fitting by removing any paint to weld to the repair section in place. 6 7


The top half of the rear cross member sat in place prior to be welded in place to make sure it fits and is not catching on anything. 8


The side skirt has been cut and fitted, you can either use your existing side skirt to use as template to cut around rear wheel arch or if to corroded use some cardboard to make your template. When your happy with the position repeat process on other side (if you don’t need to replace the side skirt, we supply the Z section separately YRM product ref 046A). 9


The other side skirt fitted along with under floor supports sat in place along with rear cross member floor support, then sit the rear floor in place prior to any welding taking place to ensure that all parts fit.  10 11


When you are happy all the parts fit, start welding them in place.  12


Rear cross member, side skirts and rear floor supports have been welded in place and have been seamed sealed and paint to prolong life of parts.  13


The rear floor fitted and painted.  14 15


This work was carried out by Land Rover Enthusiast Simon Rees, who has kindly let us use his photos.