Land Rover Defender Seat Box Lid Replacement

Parts used

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1no. 139 Land Rover Defender Seat Box Lid Kit

Tools used

25 Selection of spanners and sockets set
Drill and various drill bits
Tape measure and Marker
Appropriate PPE, Goggles, Gloves, Boots



How you will receive your seat box lid kit. 1


The toolbox empty or your fuel tank maybe there. Next you need to transfer lines of the widest point of the seatbox opening to locate where the angles need positioning. 2 3


Sit the lid in position ensuring the seat box catch is located in the lid slot and transfer lines of opening onto aluminium lid. 4 5 6


Measure the width of the opening at the front and back to see if it parallel, also fit to the angle 5mm narrower so it’s not too tight for fitting. 7 8


The lines transferred around to the underside of the lid making sure the the marks are 5mm narrower than opening. 9


Measure back from the front of the toolbox compartment, then transfer these measurements onto the lid, this is so the angle doesn’t catch the seat box comparment.  10 11


Mark the angle were you are going to locate rivets using a 4.9mm diameter drill bit, then position and clamp the angle in place then drill through and remove any rag and rivet in position. 12 14 13


Repeat process for fitting angle on the other side.  15


Offer in place to make sure it fits.  16


Remove the bolts and measure cross centres to hold toolbox lid retainer, to stop the lid from rattling.  17 18 19


Mark and drill holes on lid retainer, they will need to be 7mm diameter holes to take the M6 bolts provided. Then bolt in place.  20 21


The angles are positioned differently here to accommodate different widths of the opening of the compartments.  22


Apply foam tape to the underside of lid around the outside of angles where the lid sits on the seat box compartment to kill any vibration noise. Then remove protective film from the lid and fit and repeat for the process for the other side.  23 24


This worked was carried out by Ronnie Maughan Jnr.