Land Rover Defender 90 Td5 onwards Rear Tank Cradle Replacement

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1no. YRM 118 Land Rover Defender 90 Fuel Tank Guard/Cradle Td5 onwards



Remove tow bar bracers and we have started to remove the fixings which hold the mild steel tank cradle to the chassis 1


Remove the fixings which hold the anti roll bar to the chassis (if you don’t have anti rolls bars ignore this) 2 3


Leave the anti roll bar attached to the axles and drop the anti roll which attaches to the chassis onto the floor to give to easy access for removing tank cradle. 4


There are 2 studs which fasten the tank cradle to the rear cross member remove the nuts. 5


Offer the new tank cradle in position, so it sits under the chassis, use a trolley and wood to hold the new tank cradle in position until its securely fixed. 6


Using the nuts and washers supplied, fasten the tank cradle to the rear cross member.  7


Offer the cup square bolts up to the chassis and finger tight when all the cup square bolts are in go around and tighten up, then refix the anti roll bar to the chassis, using the existing fixings or YRM product ref 1056  8 9


Shows the tank cradle fitted, with the tow bar still to fit.  10


Note, Best to carry this job out when your fuel tank in empty. To remove the existing tank cradle, out a crow bar inbetween the rear cross member and tank cradle so the studs come out the cross member, then you can either put a crow bar between the chassis brackets and cradle and prize the cradle across until the cradle is off the chassis, or you can cut the cradle where the cradle sits on the chassis so the cradle drops down.

This work was carried out by Ronnie Maughan Snr @ YRM