Land Rover Defender 90, 110/130 Pick Up/Hard Top, Strike Plate Repair & Seat Belt Bracket Mount Repair Part B

Parts used

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1no. 122 Land Rover Defender 90 Seat Box/Bulkhead Repair Panel
1no. 175 Land Rover Defender Galvanised Front Seat Belt Mount Bracket
1no. 177 Land Rover Defender 90, 110/130 Hard Top/Pick Up Aluminium Strike Plate
1001 Type A Rivets Grip Range 1.6mm – 6.2mm Pk 100
1612 M8 30mm Fixing Kit Stainless Steel Pk 10

Tools used

9 Selection of spanners and sockets set
Drill and various drill bits
Tape measure and Marker
Bolster and Hammer
Appropriate PPE, Goggles, Gloves, Boots



The corrosion on the rear tub. 1


YRM product ref 175 offered in place, then clamp it in place when positioned correctly and match drill to bolt it in place along the upstand section. When positioning the bolts ensure they go into un-corroded metal. 2


YRM 175 bolted in place, you only need to hand tighten bolts as it will need to be removed to fit YRM product ref 122. 3


YRM 122 cut in half as it is not possible to fit in one piece, then mark for the M8 stainless steel studs for the seat belt inertia reel and the bolts attached to YRM 175. 4


YRM 122 clamped and riveted in place. 5


YRM 175 re-fitted and bolted up ready to match drill along the top of the repair. 6


The repair sections being matched drilled to clamp them together.  7


The repairs finished ready to repeat the process for the other side, as this is for display purposes only we have not used seam sealer which is recommended to prevent water ingress.  8 10 9


This work was carried out by Ronnie Maughan Jnr