Front Footwell Floor Plate Fixing Kit

You are purchasing a Defender & Series Footwell Floor Plate Fixing Kit
Enough to fix 1 Footwell Floor Plate in place
Kits Consists of;
10no A4-70 No14 x 25mm Pz3 Stainless Steel Screw
2no M6 A4-70 x 25mm Soc But Head Bolts
14no M6 A4 Flat Washers
2no M6 A4-80 Flanged Serrated Nuts
3no BZP No14 Captive U Nuts (Not Stainless Steel)
7no CZA4705L Plastic Body Lock Nuts

You have all the fixing to fit;
Floor Plate to Sill Rail
Floor Plate to Bulkhead and Gearbox Tunnel
Floor Plate to Seat Box


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Weight 0.3 kg